Since the early 17th-century, Murshidabad has been world famous for its Silk production which attracted the French, Britishers, Jain community and others to start a textile trading business.

With the decline of the region, the industry saw a downfall too. But from past many years, the silk industry is being revived with assistance from the government by launching new schemes such as "Mulberry silk cluster"; "Design bank"; etc so as to train more than 500 artisans.

In order to show our support, Bari Kothi hosts special textile tour in the region where guests are given a first hand experience of the traditional weaving processes, the work conditions, interaction with the local artisans and also gives an opportunity to buy directly from them and support their art.

For Textile Lovers

Visit to Tantipara (Weaver’s Village) to experience the traditional method of hand weaving pure silk sarees speically Baluchari and Garad. Interact with the weavers and know about the different silks and motifs which are famous of Murshibadab.

Visit to Islampore to experience Sericulture, the process of making silk yarns from cocoon, drying and dyeing them. Also get a chance to interact with the workers and know more about the process. Famous for it's Matka Silk and Khadi Cotton.


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