Acclaimed restoration specialist, Architect and Dr. Samar Chandra from Canada has undertaken many heritage buildings, landscape and hotel projects in former USSR-Samarkand and Bukhara within Uzbekistan; re-designed homes in Canada & U.S.A and have also presented a topic on ‘Remetic Architecture’ at World Design Summit—Montréal 2017.

When he was approached for this project, he readily agreed to it.

Preparations involved :
• Researched how signs and symbols from historical past, adaptive cultural ecology act as catalyst for change in cultural geography with visual arts and its impact on architecture and to create a new style and fashion for sustainability in global civilizations.
• Collected and systematized the use of researched data of ancient Indian methods for vernacular building construction, Vastu Shastra for preservation of natural habitat, wellbeing and safety of its local inhabitants.
• Developed calculated risk to save; introduce new methods in construction technology.
• Conceptualized and recycled materials for eco-friendly building design and construction process with local and native technology [e.g. using Bamboo, burnt clay and bricks etc.]

Result : In a period of 5 years, the property was back in its former glory and ready to mesmerize the tourists from around the globe. But it wasn’t an easy task! “Given the poor state of affairs in the region, the lack of skilled masons, artisans, plumbers and engineers located near the site posed a problem.

And since the family was also keen the local eco-system, the project took a lot more time and painstaking effort in acquiring resources. From restoring beams made of teak wood to working on the vintage furniture, the restoration of Bari Kothi involved a lot of attention to detail, enough so Bari Kothi would last another century or more.”


I feel privileged to have met both the owner and architect and to hear the remarking story of such a home.

– Patty Harrison (U.K)


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Bari Kothi, Jain Patty, PO : Azimganj, Murshidabad, Pin Code : 742122

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