Once the seat of the Nawabs and a very prosperous region with flourishing trading & banking businesses; Murshidabad has witnessed the construction of grand structures like- palaces, temples, mosques, gardens, tombs and buildings. But even today it remains hidden from the global tourist map!

With the idea to promote the tourism potential of these places, we have designed an itinerary especially for the heritage lovers - a unique & guided tour with storytelling session.

For Heritage Lovers

Hazarduari Palace (Palace of thousand doors) : now, a museum showcasing the Nawab artefact collection.

Imambara : a historic congregation hall built in 1847.

Jahankosha Canon : made in 1637, known as the ‘destroyer of the world’.

House of Jagat Seth : known as the Greatest Banker in the world.

Nashipur Rajbati : Palace of Nashipur Royal Family.

Katra Mosque : built in 1723 & Footi Mosque, built in a day are famous sites to visit.


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