Murshidabad not only holds a long history in its heritage but also as a producer of exquisite handicrafts- Shola (Indian Cork), Kansa (Bell metal craft) and ivory and wood carving. One of the leading producers of handicrafts, Murshidabad is now struggling and showing a tendency to decline over the last few decades. We believe that creating awarenesss about these unique crafts can help improve their currtent scenario.

SHOLAPITH (Indian Cork) :

Made from one of the world’s lightest woods, Sholapith is a spongey milky-white dried plant matter which can be pressed and transformed into different shapes. Shola crafts are very much popular In Murshidabad district. Its Flower designs, garlands, beautiful and decorative headress and figurines of gods and goddesses, peacock boats, elephant howdahs, palanquins are some of the exquisite Sholapith crafts produced in Murshidabad. Since sholapith craftsmen used to make garlands for idols and for the nobility, they came to be known as Malakar, meaning "garland maker".

KANSA (Bell Metal) :

Another popular handicraft produced by the skilled craftsmen of Murshidabad is Kansa Bell metal craft. Utensils made from Kansa and brass are manufactured in huge quantities in Behrampore, Khagra, Kandi, Baranagar and Jangipur. These utensils have a huge demand in the local and are often exported to international markets. This industry is particularly declining due to problems in procuring the raw materials and shift of consumer demand to ceramic and stainless steel products.


Ivory and wood handicrafts industry is considered to employ a major population of Murshidabad. The root of this craft can be traced back to the time when Murshidabad was under the rule of the Nawabs of Bengal who patronized the art of ivory and wood carving. These craftsmen were considered to be the best carvers and their products were often exported. However, with the downfall of the Nawabs, this industry started facing a crisis.


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