Ms. Lipika Dudhoria, co-owner of Bari Kothi, who innovates guest experiences shares that “Bari Kothi aims to makes its guests explore and engage in Murshidabad basis their interest and that is the USP of our project. All we do for our guests is to ensure that the experience is completely local. We like to hear the word ‘genuine’ and ‘authentic’ from our guests, says Lipika.


In this world of technology and gadgets, what keep us connected to our roots are the age-old stories that were passed down from one generation to the other. Keeping this tradition of oral storytelling alive, Bari Kothi hosts a special session for our guests to connect with the intangible significance of the place, architecture and objects both emotionally and intellectually.



Sunset watching is considered romantic and calm but the experience enhances when you are waterside! At Bari Kothi, either leisurely stroll along the 100 feet long Ghat while sipping a cocktail and enjoying the soft pastel skies or go for a boat ride - laying on comfortable cushions and watching the sun dip in the river. Both being utterly Instagram-able!


Do you know the best way to fill the gap between lunch and dinner is a hot cup of tea served in our unique riverside seating! Bari Kothi offers its guests a selection of over 10 of the finest teas, and a delectable selection of traditional Sheherwali nibbles. The sound of flute in the background coupled with the visuals of hustle bustle of the local community in their everyday life just enhances the overall experience!



The 5-course grand sheherwali meal that we serve has always been an authenticity of ours. But, from where we source our ingredients and how we cater the meal is a story in its own. At Bari kothi, we like to include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables into our daily meals to make it more fresh and healthy. There are farms and gardens in our property where we grow different seasonal fruits, vegetables for our kitchen. We also source largely from local venders, where we meet our ends to support the local farmers and support the local ecosystem. Going completely local helps us to reduce our food miles and our carbon footprints. We make our guests visit the farms and pick their desired vegetables, after which we include that vegetable into their meals and create an experience loved by all.


West Bengal is an abode of culture and folk heritage and to understand the society and its people, one must witness unique cultural evenings hosted at Bari Kothi. Performances such as Baul & Fakiri music (minstrels’ singing songs & poems about love and devotion), Raibeshe Dance (unique martial arts dance), etc. give a chance to the guests to mingle, converse, and enjoy music in a communal setting.



“Learning about the history and culture of a place makes us a more open-minded, tolerant and understanding individual” – anonymous. Following this belief, we host special guided sightseeing tour of Murshidabad region wherein a guest not only knows the historical significance of the place but also know some of the untold local stories behind it. From the 250-year old Charbangla terracotta temples, Palace of 1000 doors (Hazarduari) to the unfinished mosques and local markets; we cover everything!


For those looking for countryside boat excursions with lunch – this one’s for you! On your way back from sightseeing, enjoy a hot & scrumptious lunch on boat while discovering the beauty of river Ganges.



Bari Kothi besides conserving its heritage preserves the cultural heritage of the surrounding. An early morning storytelling walk down the lanes will take one to 200 years back. The magnificent Jain Temples and other Havelis like Nowlakha Kothi, Rajbari, Singhi Kothi, Marble Palace narrates the opulence and glory of the era.


Murshidabad has always been world famous for its fine quality of silks and muslins. Since, textiles play an important role in history of Murshidabad, it is important to visit & interact with locals at Tantipara (weaver’s village) & Islampore (important area for sericulture). You also get a chance to weave your initials on a silk fabric you buy from them!



Bari kothi has always focused on creating some phenomenal experiences, experiences which would create a memory or would make a memory fresh. Alta session is one of such a dreamy experience, where we try to pamper a women with making her wear a saree and applying alta on her feet. The red colour of the alta, resembles blood which also shows purity and fertility. This ritual was very popular earlier and is know be a part of the solah shringaar, for an Indian women. In the evening, a group of women put Diya’s in every corner, spreads rose petals and applies alta to the women’s feet and highlights it with beautiful designs. The personal touch of this experience, mesmerises the whole situation and the guest person.


While we say, that you have to experience our whole property, we say it wholeheartedly. The beautiful flower pots that you see all around Bari kothi, are constructed by our very own potter. You can feel this experience not only visually, but also creatively. We have beautiful pottery sessions, where you can enjoy the fullest and make your own craft.



For food lovers, we host an exclusive culinary session. You begin with knowing the evolution of the cuisine and then start learning how the prepare some of the easiest Sheherwalis dishes. You also get a chance to take back home a secret tip or recipe from the family member!


Did you know Murshidabad once cultivated more than 200 varieties of mangoes? Today there may be about 75 odd varieties remaining but each has its own uniqueness. The months of May & June are the best to savor them and know their age old stories. We offer a number of fun dishes too! Hence it is rightly said, “Nobody in India is as mad about Mangoes as Sheherwalis.”



At Bari Kothi, we want you to get back in touch with the forgotten child within you. Expressing oneself through happiness and full of life. One such experience is the kite flying experience, here not only kids but all age groups enjoy to the fullest. We celebrate simplicity and purity saluting all local ethos and heritage.


If you love Bird Watching, we have something for you, too!
Murshidabad is home to many avifauna species such as Red Avadavat, Barn swallow, Red turtle dove, Common tailorbird and many more. The diversity of fauna in this region is just awe inspiring & not much explored. Request for a binoculars from your host & look for our feathered friends!



Yoga is not just a practice for us, it is a lifestyle now! Post-lockdown it is even more important for us to add yoga and medidation in our daily life! Bari Kothi hosts early morning rejuvenating sessions for all our guests to have a healthy mind, body, and soul while they are vacationing. This 1 hour session, near the river side or in an open courtyard is hosted by expert yoga trainers.


Murshidabad is famous for its art and craft which is not widely known to many. Hence we thought of giving an opportunity to the local artists to share their expertise and an opportunity to our guests to learn & create something new and desi. Workshops such as pottery making, shola art, kantha stitching, and block printing are offered in-house.



Occurring in April & May, Kal Baisakhi are the local thunderstorms associated with torrential downpours. Though they bring some destruction along but people still celebrate as it helps harvest kharif crops like jute, paddy and a large number of vegetables and fruits.

Halt! thou thy prevailing rages hast shewn
I know; O Kalbaisakhi, now let's pull back thy jaws.
Lo! the beautified ornaments of beautiful earth are now prone-
Couldst thou not hast been ceased or give a little pause?


The clear night sky over Azimganj, Murshidabad provides a perfect opportunity to spot the stars and the moon with our naked eye and also through our Telescope. The magical experience of seeing the moon through our telescopic setup at mid-night and then further take pictures is a magnificent adventure all together.



Loved the storytelling session. The insight into the past and how everything is slowly getting back on track was very interesting.

- Priya Jain (India)

Our walk to the temples was informative with a side trip to the English speaking class on the way and also a small visit inside the small dwelling where the friendly woman was cooking and her fuel was cow dung.

– Patty Harrison (U.K)

Watching the sunset from your boat on the river was a great experience.

- Veronique Goupy (France)


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