After 60 years of abandonment when it was finally decided to restore Bari Kothi - the ancestral palace of the Dudhorias, two things were very clear in our minds: i) Restoration shall be done in a sustainable manner and ii) Restoration should help in the development of our community. These two core values are the pillars that give substance to its dreams.

One of the Core Values at Bari Kothi is its promise to resurrect the local community. We take utmost pride that our team almost entirely comprises the local community. We hand pick each one of them, train them and they onwards train others, making every experience, as genuine and as authentic, it can be. The sheer pride with which our team engages with our guests is the most satisfying part of the project. The whole idea is to be able to uplift the society and the change starts here at Bari Kothi where they are trained to be able to make a difference to the community .

To give more light on this, we first provided jobs to the ethnic group of Santhal Tribal women as waiters; Hindu men as laborers; and Muslim/ Christian women as daily laborers. We further intend to offer various platforms such as – a teaching centre where the local artisans are taught to improve their skills and open up Stores where their handmade products such as sarees, stoles, handicrafts, etc. are promoted and made available to the rest of the world.

“Being a unique social tool, we don’t sell rooms, we create experiences”. And the ones to benefit most from this wonderful arrangement are our guests, who get a first-hand experience of the local culture and stories.


Grooming class: All our employees are either locals or they come from the ethnic group of the Santhal tribe. They are farmers, have dairy cattle, do fish farming, looks after their respective families with also making our property bright and beautiful with their constant presence.
The little we do for them, is to make them take care of themselves. Twice a week we do a special grooming session where we educate them about personal health, hygiene, proper dressing and clothing. We also try to make it exciting with some flower and makeup sessions, which attracts their interest and they enjoy these sessions completely. We believe, this not only changes their habit of regular lifestyle but also has a positive impact on their families.


Basic language classes: In bari kothi, we cater variety of guests. We believe language shouldn’t be a barrier, it should be correctly used for a better understanding.
This is where we try to bring guests and our community together and understand the personal touch that they deliver.
Every alternate evening, we have language classes, from teaching basic English words like hello, good morning to hindi words like ‘theek hai’(okay), ‘kuch chaiye mam’(mam do you want something ?), we try to make them feel comfortable of any language our guests would be comfortable with.


Your outstanding hospitality is in my opinion the most remarkable element in the experience you offer to your guests.

– Lukas Berk (Germany)

Great hospitality from every team member and the exceptional host.

– Hans Well (Germany)

Warm, charming & caring. Fantastic hospitality. Every one of the team took the maximum effort.

Sabeeka Well (Germany)


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